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Cruisin' 'n' Losin' (Please Scroll Down)
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I have written a book titled:

Cruisin' 'n' Losin'

A Vacation, A Diary, A Smile

It's a light-hearted attempt at losing weight while vacationing aboard a luxury cruise ship...plus a few entertaining stories of my life.

(37,000 words on 235 pages with 13 pictures)


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Garry Vaneman

8550 A1A S UNIT 406



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Want to read a little bit?  The portion below is part of the FORWARD of the book...


The concept of this book is to go on a fantastic cruise vacation and lose weight. I suppose the title could imply a gambling problem, but this isn’t about gambling. This is about challenging myself to record my shipboard and land activities, and most of everything that I ingest into this beautiful temple, while enjoying life and, hopefully, losing a couple of pounds. If you have spent any time aboard a cruise ship, you will understand the challenge. If you have never been on a cruise escape, and cruises are wonderful vacations, maybe these pages will be a pleasurable experience.

I hope you will be able to enjoy the ramblings of a 5’10”, sixty-one year old white, opinionated, American male who graduated high school weighing about 135 pounds dripping wet and later in life blossomed to well over 200. This book is not entirely about dieting, but more about the challenge of weight management while being surrounded by tons of delicious food, top-shelf drink choices and wonderful friends aboard a luxury cruise ship for two weeks.

          This will also be an opportunity to express my views and opinions while spinning some memorable tales of comedy and woe. Perhaps the factual events expressed here have been edited a bit over the years, but I hope it will make enjoyable reading and even possibly bring a light-hearted smile to you. But more important to me, this will be my chance to express my gratitude to my great friends and wonderful family that surround my life and have made me the luckiest individual in the entire world.

Continued in the book...


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